About Bangalore

Bangalore, otherwise known as Bengaluru is the capital city of the state of Karnataka. With many nicknames such as “Garden City”, “Silicon Valley of India” and “IT Capital of India, Bangalore is known in the country for its advancement in technology, science and entertainment field. The fifth most popular urban conglomeration in India, Bangalore is also called the “Pub Capital of India” or “Rock/Metal Capital of India”.

A number of urban events take place in Bangalore, with the culture being very open minded and forward. A number of international dining establishments have established themselves in Bangalore and it is a treat to be in Bangalore for those people who describe themselves as “foodies”.

Apart from the rich heritage of various dynasties that ruled this region, there is a lot more to see in Bangalore. For a person who enjoys going to pubs, concerts and enjoying some fine dining, Bangalore is heaven.

It is well connected by road to a number of prominent cities in the south. This allows for a traveller to stay in Bangalore and travel further to Kerala, Tamil Nadu as well as Andhra Pradesh.

For science enthusiasts, it is said that Bangalore’s Lalbagh has the most diverse man made collection of flora in India and the city has produced the highest number of doctors and also scientists who have been considered for Nobel Prize nominations in India.

If a person is a history buff, he could visit various heritage sites such as the Palace of Tipu Sultan and other places of historical significance.

It is also interesting to know that Bangalore was also the first city in India to receive electricity. Knowing this advancement of science in Bangalore, it is not hard to fathom how this city has produced the largest number of India professionals working in the USA.

Bangalore has something for everyone to explore - whether they are a science, history, architecture or a party enthusiast.


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